Camila Escobar, 19-31 August, 2013.



The photographic series Terrains reveals a visual narrative conducive to the symbolic imagination. The images in this series have a special quality that envelops the viewer. The human body evokes unknown landscapes. The possibility of a place where one can conceive reality beyond the senses is introduced.  This series of nudes represent the material world both in a personal and universal way, arousing curiosity about the sensuality and strange aspects of these forms, that other wise are so common. The images have information denser than what a word could contain, and for that reason they offer diverse and infinite meanings. 


Camila Escobar is a Colombian artist based in Montreal, Canada. She recently completed her BFA in Photography at Concordia University. Camila concentrates on portraiture and is fascinated by the idea of depicting her subjects in different physical and mental states. She is constantly exploring the instance when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. An important aspect of her work is the relationship that she establishes with her subjects, who are in most cases strangers. She looks to redefine the balance between authenticity and imagination.