Maria Toll, 15-18 December 2015

“Most of my work originates from my need for control and my obsession in finding a structure. My interest in history and subtle humour are also recurrent themes. Currently I am busy with thoughts about that which, in our society, is constructed. Letters, norms, social codes, symbols and words are all made up. As if we have an agreement about what everything means. And it is that meaning that is important. When you break it apart it feels that everything is meaningless in a liberating way. I relate myself to rooms and places and the objects that are already found there. I worked with that idea when I had an exhibition in the city hall of Tanum. I imagined that the artists who had held exhibitions in that room did not especially appreciate the evacuation sign, the lamps, the switch and the socket. I thought that these objects would have had to put up with a lot of crap! I wanted them to feel involved and not just slighted or overlooked. I wanted them to feel aesthetic and not just functional.”