Tobias Lund, 1-7 December 2015.


These images are part of a series of paintings that are directly inspired by, and dedicated to, the psychedelic experience and the floods of infinite creativity that those experiences can bring us. A world of fantasies and symbols have been growing inside my head, through drawing, painting and creating sounds.

Chance plays a big part in my art, and it brings excitement to the process, as I’m not in total control over what comes out. I paint intuitively, with water only, and then let ink flow thru the more or less random floods over the paper. My job is then to look at what has happened and find a character, an energy or an interesting blob and then try to add what I feel is needed to give it its raison d’être.

For me painting is a way to materialize and integrate experiences difficult or impossible to describe, as they are from arcane worlds beyond words. It is a form of meditational puzzle where the meaning of the picture becomes clearer as it grows into a finished piece.